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Spring 2021



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TopQuants – the networking organisation for quants by quants, cordially invites you to its Online Spring Event on

Energy transition, climate change and finance

Court cases against oil producers, negative electricity prices on sunny summer days, oversubscribed green bonds issuances: It has become common ground that energy and climate topics challenge business models in finance.

But what about quantitative models? How do they help us understand the energy transition? Despite the inherent uncertainty of long-term forecasts, which concrete steps can we take today to make financial models and risk management more future-proof?

We fond out all about the above in presentations from Andreas Ten Cate (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology ISPT) and Dirk Broeders (DNB, Maastricht University) at the online TopQuants Spring event on the 24th of June. The slides can be found on the speakers’ pages.

Andreas spoke about the complexity of the energy transition, and showed us how quant modelling can be used to support the decision-making process. As a Program Director of System Integration at ISPT, an institute that aims to transition the process industry to a CO2-neutral economy by 2050, Andreas is actively involved in modelling the energy transition.

Dirk approached the problem from an angle that is more familiar to the finance industry, drawing on his experience as a senior risk manager within the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). He touched on questions a lot of us undoubtedly have: How will climate change affect the financial world? Consequences are potentially far-reaching, but also subject to fundamental uncertainty. Dirk touched on how quants and risk managers can tackle this?