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TopQuants – the networking organisation for quants by quants, cordially invites you to its Spring Event on

Spring in Summer!

On 9 July we are organising our first online TopQuants Spring event, where Euro Beinat will present on

Exploring Generative Artificial Intelligence

With the diffusion of artificial intelligence (AI) applications (more precisely, machine learning), and along with the proliferation of directions in AI research, there is a significant renewed interest for AI as an invention tool. This is not a new field: the quest for creativity is central to quest for machine intelligence and the debate on whether machines can legitimately invent is as old as the debate on whether machines can think (it is, in fact, the same debate).

In the last few years, we have added a new, practical perspective to this debate driven by bottom up applications of AI that seem genuinely creative and inventive, in the sense of producing something novel, surprising and valuable (useful, beautiful, etc.). Some of you may have seen Google’s Deep Dream in action:

but there are examples in fields other than visual arts – medicine (invention of new molecules), media (AI that writes commercials),food industry (invention of flavors), entertainment (scripts written by AI), games (AlphaGo strategies), computer science (AI that writes code), music (AI compositions) but also finance (portfolios or trading ideas constructed by AI).

Taken individually, they appear as clever, unconventional utilisations of machine learning, at times created by engineers that stumbled upon opportunities. Underneath all this diverse range of applications there are however some specific patterns that seems to be consistent across use cases.

Within this Spring Event our speaker, Euro Beinat, Global Head for AI and Data at, one of the largest internet companies and investors in the world, will discuss recent examples and utilisations of generative AI. Use cases within finance will also be discussed, as well as implications for business, operations or competition. Moreover, the sometimes strange side effects of generative AI will be touched upon, such as copyright- or privacy-free content generation. Finally, it will explore classes of possible applications, both those immediately viable but also those more speculative and, why not, creative.