Study Group Mathematics with Industry

Does your company have problems of a mathematical nature but no time to look into them? Would you like to strengthen your contacts in the academic world? Would you like to meet mathematicians whom you could offer a job?

Then submit your problem description to the Study Group Mathematics with Industry (SWI 2020)!

Then a group of 5-10 mathematicians will look into your problem for a whole week and present a solution on Friday.

The following is a sample of the problems submitted by more than 60 companies in 19 earlier editions:

Participation costs only €1.750 thanks to sponsoring by NWO.

SWI 2020 will take place at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg from 27 January to 31 January 2020.

Please contact us, e-mail us or watch this instructive video on the approach.

With best regards,

Dr. Bram van den Broek (Fontys)
Dr. Alessandro Di Bucchianico (TU Eindhoven)
Dr. Vivi Rottschäfer (Universiteit Leiden)