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TopQuants Newsletter

TopQuants – the networking organization by quants for quants based in the Netherlands – successfully launched its first newsletter in March 2013. Continuing hereafter, TopQuants aims to publish the newsletter on a semi-annual basis. The newsletters aim to present technical research articles, personal blogs, surveys, interviews, book/journal reviews, new career opportunities etc in the area of Quantitative Finance. The newsletters will be published in the interim period between the semi-annual TopQuants workshops and is aimed to serve as an alternate forum to express oneself within the Quant community in the Netherlands. The focus of the newsletter is on practicality of the research, new approaches and methods that are relevant to the current market situation. The newsletter also provides a coverage of the talks given in the TopQuants workshops with highlights on additional work done by the speaker in that specific area. The newsletter provides a great opportunity for PhD/Masters students to share their research work and thereby network with the Quant community. We are very much open to new ideas or suggestions regarding the contents of the newsletter and your inputs are more than welcome!!!

Interested in sharing your knowledge with fellow Quants ????

Call for contributions — submit before 31st August 2013

The next newsletter is aimed for September 2013 and we cordially invite you all to contribute in order to make this a success. No particular format is required for the submissions although we request the article length to be not more than three pages. Any further queries regarding the newsletter can be mailed to and the articles can be submitted (MS word or pdf ) to:

Aneesh Venkatraman

Keep visiting the website for regular updates. We look forward to an enthusiastic participation from you all.

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