Joost van der Burgt


General principles for the use of AI in the financial sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI), defined as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that traditionally have required human intelligence”, is becoming progressively more commonplace in finance. In this talk Joost van der Burgt (senior policy advisor AI at the DNB) will provide background information on AI, as as its current and future use in the Dutch financial sector. It concludes with a set of general principles for a responsible application of AI in the financial sector.

Presentation – Joost van der Burgt – General principles for the use of AI in financial sector

Joost van der Burgt is a Senior Policy Advisor on Fintech and Artificial intelligence at De Nederlandsche Bank. He also represents DNB in the Basel Committee’s Taskforce on Financial Technology and in the European Joint Committee’s Working Group on Artificial Intelligence. Before he joined DNB in August 2015, Joost worked in the Strategy and Risk analysis department at the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) for four years, where he also focused on fintech and the implications of technological innovation for the financial sector.

Joost received a BSc in Business Studies from Fontys University Eindhoven, a BA in Philosophy from Tilburg University, a MA in Political Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam, a MSc in Risk Management from VU University School of Business and Economics, and is currently pursuing a BSc in Artificial Intelligence at VU University Amsterdam.