Jaap Teerhuis

Senior Rates Strategist

Impact on new pension fund act on investment portfolios of Dutch Pension Funds

In his presentation, Jaap will give an update on what is expected to happen with the asset allocation as soon as the pension sector has made the transition from the current Defined Benefit to the Defined Contribution framework. He will also explain what the dilemmas currently occupying the industry are in the current transition phase towards the moment of actual transition.

Jaap started at ABN AMRO in May 2024 and is Senior Rates Strategist at Group Economics. In this role, he is focusing on the developments in the EGB rate markets, including the swap markets. Next to this, he is also responsible for the coverage of the Dutch pension fund sector.

Before he joined ABN AMRO, he was Head of the Dealing room at the DSTA, the Dutch Debt Management Office. He was responsible for the team that issued the Dutch government bonds and the cash management activities. Especially the Covid period was very interesting as the funding need increased significantly during that period and we had to change our issuance policies accordingly.

He started his career at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), where he was a (Senior) Portfolio Manager. The reserves of the Bank were invested in various portfolios and he managed the JPY, USD and AUD portfolios. Furthermore, he was responsible for the gold reserves, which was mainly a policy dossier. For the last three years, he was seconded to the European Central Bank as Senior Portfolio Management Expert in Frankfurt.

Jaap has a university degree from the University of Amsterdam, majoring in Business Economics.