Kees Ouboter

Senior Responsible Investment Officer, Sustainability & Strategy team, ACTIAM

ESG data – perfection is the enemy of good

Why does the concept of ESG data exist at all? After all it is information about entities you invest in that might influence the companies adaptiveness to future developments. This presentation will show the sustainable development in the financial sector and the data requirements that developed with it. ESG data is crucial for upcoming rules & regulation and data innovation is needed to steer on long term goals, is ESG data mature enough for this?

Kees Ouboter joined ACTIAM in august 2016 in the Sustainability & Strategy team. He is responsible for advising clients on their sustainability strategy. Next to that he develops dashboards to monitor and steer on (sustainability) KPIs. Before joining ACTIAM he worked as consultant for True Price where he built impact models for social and environmental indicators. He advised clients such as AKZO Nobel, DSM and Tony’s Chocolonely. Kees holds a Master’s degree in Econometrics from the University of Amsterdam.